GATE Questions & Answers of Simplex Method

What is the Weightage of Simplex Method in GATE Exam?

Total 2 Questions have been asked from Simplex Method topic of Operations Research subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 2.00.

Maximize Z=5x1+3x2,

Subject to



x1, x20.

In the starting Simplex tableau, $ x_1 $ and $ x_2 $ are non-basic variable and the value of $ Z $ is zero. The value of $ Z $ in the next Simplex tableau is___________

A firm uses a turning center, a milling center and a grinding machine to produce two parts. The table below provides the machining time required for each part and the maximum machining time available on each machine. The profit per unit on parts I and II are Rs. 40 and Rs. 100, respectively. The maximum profit per week of the firm is Rs._________
Type of machine
 Machining time required for
 the machine part (minutes)
  Maximum machining time available
  per week (minutes)
Turning Center 12 6 6000
Milling Center 4 10 4000
Grinding Machine 2 3 1800